Is an Insights workshop just what your team needs?

Tim Jeary

Bringing a team together in a safe environment where open and honest conversations can take place has many advantages. It not only allows teams to explore individual preferences, but also the impact they have on each other, what each individual brings to the team and how they can work more effectively together.

Thinking about flexible working? A strong Employee Engagement strategy is a must

Hot desking office
Jess Jeary

There will come a moment in every large company’s lifetime where a brief is plonked on the desk of the HR team to reduce ‘X’ number of desks in the office. This typically follows a need to cut overheads via hot-desking or flexible working initiatives, though can also be an attempt to break down office silos and improve communication between teams.

Why you should bring more of yourself to work

Georgia Adsett

Does the "work you" represent the real you? We explore the importance of an inclusive work culture and why bringing more of yourself to work skyrockets both your career and your happiness.

The FISH! philosophy is the key to being successful and happy at work

Happy lady smiling
Georgia Adsett

Imagine a workplace where people come in everyday full of energy, with an infectiously positive attitude. Imagine being the go-to choice for clients in your sector because you work with passion and dynamism. Imagine the most difficult and arduous of tasks being tackled with determination and team spirit. The FISH! philosophy makes this a reality.

Key takeaways from 'The Attitude Shift', a talk by Simon Tyler.

Georgia Adsett

This morning we saw accredited author Simon Tyler take centre stage at The Glove Factory Studios to speak about why shifting attitudes in our everyday lives is key to boosting success and impact. We summarised the key takeaways from the event.

Mindfulness – just a fad or a new way of life?

Man Thinking Mindfulness
Tim Jeary

A practice which has grown in both prominence, understanding and popularity. Mindfulness has also successfully crossed the divide from a personal pursuit to gaining credibility in the workplace. Many key principles are practiced as part of employee development programmes and appear within employee health and wellbeing strategies.