Is an Insights workshop just what your team needs?

Tim Jeary

Bringing a team together in a safe environment where open and honest conversations can take place has many advantages. It not only allows teams to explore individual preferences, but also the impact they have on each other, what each individual brings to the team and how they can work more effectively together.

A look back at 2016 and Bowline's best bits

Georgia Adsett

What better time than the run up to Christmas to take a look back at our highlights from the past year? We asked our team to reflect on some of their best bits to celebrate a year of hard work and fantastic projects...

What your unique desk space says about you

Desk chair and desk
Georgia Adsett

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they arrange their desk space. Whether you’re in an open-plan creative environment, or a more formal cubicle set-up, everyone’s space will be set up a little differently. Considering the differences in how you and your team members prefer to work not only sparks an interesting conversation, but can also help you to communicate more effectively.

Use Insights Discovery to engage with yourself and others

Jess Jeary

Insights Discovery is a memorable, fun and effective, psychometric tool to help you engage with yourself and others. But of course like any good tool, it’s what you do with it that's the impressive part, so it’s important you’re committed to listening to the results of your Insights report and being open to change.

Insights Discovery - a practitioner's perspective

Insights Discovery Practitioner Tim Jeary
Tim Jeary

I started my journey with Insights Discovery back in 2009. I was already an HR and NLP Practitioner, accredited coach and TAP certified trainer and was fortunate enough to be sponsored by my employer to become an accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner.

The importance of Insights Discovery for self-awareness

Georgia Adsett Account Manager Bowline
Georgia Adsett

My Insights Discovery profile came out as predominantly ‘Earth Green’ – which is the combination of Introversion and Feeling, based on Jungian psychology of preferences. As I ran through my report with Tim in the follow-up meeting, I remember thinking how most of the statements were scarily accurate. The report is particularly useful for reflection, self-development and team analysis.