What are the 7 Ingredients To Becoming An Engaging Manager?

Ingredients of an Engaged Team Illustration
Tim Jeary

Each employee is unique and will need a whole array of different things from you throughout the employment relationship. The secret is getting to know the right mix and quantities and knowing when to adapt the recipe over time to meet the changing needs of each employee.

Is your management style right for your team?

Georgia Adsett

50% of people leave their jobs to escape their managers. Discover the frustrations poorly managed employees often face and why a coaching approach to management could save the day.

Why you should bring more of yourself to work

Georgia Adsett

Does the "work you" represent the real you? We explore the importance of an inclusive work culture and why bringing more of yourself to work skyrockets both your career and your happiness.

Key takeaways from 'The Attitude Shift', a talk by Simon Tyler.

Georgia Adsett

This morning we saw accredited author Simon Tyler take centre stage at The Glove Factory Studios to speak about why shifting attitudes in our everyday lives is key to boosting success and impact. We summarised the key takeaways from the event.