The FISH! philosophy is the key to being successful and happy at work

Happy lady smiling
Georgia Adsett

Imagine a workplace where people come in everyday full of energy, with an infectiously positive attitude. Imagine being the go-to choice for clients in your sector because you work with passion and dynamism. Imagine the most difficult and arduous of tasks being tackled with determination and team spirit. The FISH! philosophy makes this a reality.

Key takeaways from 'The Attitude Shift', a talk by Simon Tyler.

Georgia Adsett

This morning we saw accredited author Simon Tyler take centre stage at The Glove Factory Studios to speak about why shifting attitudes in our everyday lives is key to boosting success and impact. We summarised the key takeaways from the event.

Use Insights Discovery to engage with yourself and others

Jess Jeary

Insights Discovery is a memorable, fun and effective, psychometric tool to help you engage with yourself and others. But of course like any good tool, it’s what you do with it that's the impressive part, so it’s important you’re committed to listening to the results of your Insights report and being open to change.

Insights Discovery - a practitioner's perspective

Insights Discovery Practitioner Tim Jeary
Tim Jeary

I started my journey with Insights Discovery back in 2009. I was already an HR and NLP Practitioner, accredited coach and TAP certified trainer and was fortunate enough to be sponsored by my employer to become an accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner.