Speed up employee on-boarding by working out loud

Enterprise Social Networks Mobile
Lesley Crook, Georgia Adsett

How do you create an online collaborative community that immerses new people into your organisation fast, is pain free for the new employee, their new team - and nips (nurtures) them in the bud?

Why the Employee Voice is Key to Your Brand’s LinkedIn Success.

Person on LinkedIn on ipad
Jess Jeary

People are 3 times more likely to trust company information from employees than from the CEO and on average, employee re-shares of company content have a click-through rate of 2.1 times that of the original company status update. Employees have the power to greatly influence reach.

Is using emojis in the workplace a good idea?

Emojis people
Georgia Adsett

These days emojis are everywhere. Guilty of having our noses stuck in our phones, it’s now second nature for us to send an emoji to get our message across faster than typing ever could. But as emojis are banded back and forth between friends and colleagues, are we close to overstepping the mark in our professional relationships?

Keeping It Visual On Social

Photographer with camera
Georgia Adsett

Your social media accounts are essentially your babies – they are dependant on you to feed them and nurture them. But it’s what you feed them that counts. There's one tip we often discuss with our clients and that's the importance of including quality visual content in your feeds.