Celebrating Brand Heritage

For many of our clients, heritage plays a key part of their brand narrative. The promotion of your brand’s heritage is a versatile tactic and can be used to differentiate, add authenticity and connect with emotion.


There's simple psychology behind why heritage can be a successful way to engage emotionally with your audience and build brand love.


These days, we are always switched on. Whether habitually scrolling through our Facebook timelines or checking Twitter the latest trending topic. It can feel like time is running away from us. And so, there is comfort in the nostalgia of simpler times at a slower pace of life.

Images, film and unique stories from the past can give us a warm feeling and put a smile on our faces. It's the same effect as when you take a look back through family holiday pictures or see the cover artwork for the first album you fell in love with. Psychologists often ask patients to reflect on their 'happy place' and some of the most successful brands use heritage marketing to take audiences to theirs. 

If your brand has rich heritage, this is potentially a treasure chest of quality content – a thousand stories just waiting to be told. 


  1. Build credibility and celebrate historic milestones, past successes and memorable stories.
  2. Tap into shared memories by celebrating historic events that your audience will remember.
  3. Engage with staff. A workforce who is proud of company heritage can be extremely powerful.
  4. Celebrate anniversaries with special promotions and campaigns.
  5. Timehop and #throwbackthursday are trending on social, join the conversation.

Here are a couple of our favourites; 

 John Lewis - 150th Anniversary



There's a lot of things we love about the 150 Years campaign by John Lewis, including;

  1. The bold approach to change their logo on everything for the year, even receipts!
  2. Connecting 'old' and 'new' with the strapline 'Never Standing Still'.
  3. Launching 'JLab' a new programme giving funding to innovative start-ups with bright ideas for the future of retail.
  4. Celebrating products with heritage via promotions and competitions.
  5. The stylish graphics and patterns used in advertising, reflecting on fashion through the decades.

British Airways. 'To Fly to Serve.'
British Airways revisited an old mission statement with their biggest campaign for 11 years; 'To Fly, To Serve'.


 Bringing back this old value was an integral part of their modern brand strategy. Delivered both internally through employee engagement, and externally with a slick consumer targeted campaign. BA have shown how returning to the core values of old can be relevant and meaningful today.