Happy Anniversary! One year on as a grad at Bowline

Happy Anniversary! One year on as a grad at Bowline

I can’t quite believe that writing this post marks a year spent working for Bowline. Time flies! That’s approximately 506 cups of tea, 104 post-it notes, and 52 office sing-songs… blimey.


In the words of Alan Carr… What a *year it’s been! I’m no longer the new kid on the block and as the team continues to grow I wanted to document my experience to date and reflect on some of the most memorable moments from the past year.


It’s not your average 9-5


From completing the Bath Half marathon with Jess, being encouraged to explore my interests both in and out of work, and being coached to hone my strengths and identify my future career goals, I can safely say that my time at Bowline has been far more than your average 9-5.


The advocacy of a healthy work/life balance, the work hard, play hard attitude and the feeling that you’re really valued as an employee are all notable things that I’ve picked up on this year. And being able to work flexi-hours in order to train for the half marathon and complete a five-week life-drawing course in Bath was really appreciated. Our individual passions keep us interesting, motivated and inspired and help maintain a real energy and focus in the office.


We’re a close-knit team


Working for a small business has its benefits and drawbacks. Unlike bigger organisations, the graduate social scene is lacking and having been used to the social hub of uni, at first it was hard to adjust. However, I’ve felt extremely lucky to work here for a variety of reasons, the most obvious of which is probably our close-knit team.


There’s no hiding, much learning and a real sense that your work is adding value to the business, as you see first hand the impact that you have on the bigger picture. We know how each other tick, we like to have a laugh in the office and we know to a tee how each other likes to take their…coffee. Flexibility and initiative have been important qualities to have working for a small team – and I’ve enjoyed the varied responsibilities that my role has offered up this past year as it’s kept things fresh – no day is the same.


We’ve produced some cracking work


I think it’s really important to want to feel proud of the work you produce, as it ensures you’re meticulous in getting it to the best possible standard. This year my project highlights have been working on BNP Paribas’s bonsai creative, writing blog content for our company website, and managing the @swisbest Instagram calendar.


I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!