The FISH! philosophy is the key to being successful and happy at work

Imagine a workplace where people come in everyday full of energy, with an infectiously positive attitude. Imagine being the go-to choice for clients in your sector because you work with passion and dynamism. Imagine the most difficult and arduous of tasks being tackled with determination and team spirit...


Does this sound like your workplace?


This utopian environment may seem far out of reach, but it's easily achievable if you apply the FISH! philosophy at work.


What exactly is the FISH! philosophy?

The FISH! philosophy is a training solution established by John Christensen, a documentary filmmaker, following his visit to the Seattle fish market where he witnessed a particular way of working.


Intrigued by the sounds of a crowd cheering, John followed his feet until he came across a lively fish market, where workers were throwing fish to one another to create an exciting spectacle for their customers. John was struck by how energetic and happy the fishermen were, despite working gruelling long hours in the cold handling iced fish. The men invited customers to join in on the fish throwing and made each customer's experience personal and memorable. 


The team's infectious spirit and attitude stuck with John and he asked himself what exactly it was that contributed to the world famous experience. 


The four key practises

John noticed four core practises at the Seattle fish market that could be applied to other businesses in order to boost success and morale in the workplace.


  • Choose your attitude
  • Be there
  • Make their day
  • Play


We all have the power to choose which attitude we take to work with us. Frankly, you won't get far if you're a grumpy little whatsit. Your attitude rubs off on others and eventually this osmosis effect can change the feel of the entire office. Be the person that turns up with energy and a smile on their face. It won't all be roses, but it's how you choose to approach tricky tasks that counts. Ask yourself if your attitude represents the person you want to be.


Being emotionally present for people makes all the difference and will help to build client and colleague relationships. Focus on the task at hand and leave worries or distractions at the door. 


Going the extra mile will always be appreciated. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Ask yourself how you can contribute to someone else's life in a positive way. Be sincere and helpful. 


When life gets too serious we feel stressed, tense and our minds become closed off to our most creative ideas. Play boosts enthusiasm and can help you come up with your next genius concept. If you need a little inspiration, check out this powerful TED talk by Shonda Rhymes.





How will using the FISH! philosophy affect staff morale?

The FISH! Philosophy can revolutionise your team's attitude, and make employee engagement skyrocket.


From prospective employees to current ones, we all know that company culture makes a huge impact on wellbeing, revenue and ultimately staff retention. So it's time that we sit up and smell the coffee and recognise that ensuring that people are happy and engaged is essential. Choosing to put the four elements of the FISH! philosophy into practise is the first step on the road to success.


If you'd like to bounce some employee engagement ideas off of us over a coffee, or if you need a little helping hand in rolling out this type of concept into your organisation, drop us a line.