Team effectiveness in a virtual world: workshop series

Team effectiveness in a virtual world: workshop series

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the world of work quickly. With many companies moving to fully remote teams in response to the COVID-19 threat, a lot of us are feeling isolated and disconnected from one another…but that doesn’t have to be the case.


We’re here to help organisations ensure their teams feel connected, supported and engaged so they can deliver their best work.


We’re running a series of three virtual sessions for teams, created specifically to help your team thrive in the current climate. 


Session One | Increasing self-awareness and understanding impact on others whilst working in a virtual team

With many teams now working from home, building trust, establishing new ways of working and increasing team effectiveness have become top priorities. In this workshop, we’ll explore personal preferences, impact on others and identify how to adapt communication styles to get the best out of every virtual interaction. We’ll also identify your team’s strengths and gaps and practical actions to improve virtual ways of working.

Virtual Workshop Time: 2 hours


Session Two | Managing self to thrive through change

To manage change effectively, we need to understand our perception and reaction to change and develop strategies to manage our emotions through the transition process. In this workshop, we’ll explore the different types of change and how our personal preferences impact on how we respond and impact on each other. We’ll explore our emotions through the change curve and identify how we can support each other as a team

Virtual Workshop Time: 1.5 hours


Session Three | Building personal resilience and habits for improved wellbeing

Building resilience in times of uncertainty involves developing and maintaining new habits to improve your wellbeing. In this workshop, we’ll explore the circle of influence and identify as a team how to accept the things we can’t change and instead focus on the things we can change. We’ll also identify practical ways to maintain personal resilience over the longer term.

Virtual Workshop Time: 1.5 hours


Before the workshops you’ll be asked to complete an Insights Discovery Online Evaluator. This will produce a 20-page unique profile which will be used during team discussions. It covers:

  • Personal style
  • Interacting with others
  • Decision making
  • Strengths and possible weaknesses
  • Value to the team
  • Communication styles
  • Blind spots
  • Suggestions for development
  • Managing self and others

£195* per delegate includes all three sessions

*COVID-19 is affecting us all, which is why we're applying a 50% discount to our usual rates.   
Minimum class size 5 people, maximum class 12 people. For larger group sizes, drop us a line.
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