Shell Quality

Quality Every Day at Shell

Quality is a vital part of Shell, saving time, money and reducing safety incidents. It’s a practice which is crucial to successful project delivery. Shell looked to us to help them to:

  • Raise awareness of Quality in Shell
  • Change the perception of stakeholders   
  • Engage and inspire behaviour change in practitioners and wider employees
  • Recognise and celebrate success

Over 12 months we've worked with the team to first define and articulate what Quality means at Shell. Next we then created a communication and engagement plan to engage employees, contractors and suppliers at Shell on a "Quality Every Day" mindset.

The key stages of the project were:

  • Developing Value
    - Recruited 8 Quality champions
    - Our champions engaged with 150 Quality practitioners via a Quality toolkit, using this content to facilitate face to face and virtual sessions around the world. 
  • Launching Values
    To enable conversations which inspired behavioural change we provided coaching to all 150 Quality Practitioners. In addition we used internal communications channels to launch the values.
  • Embedding Values & Recognition
    We designed a recognition programme with quarterly line manager nominations to recognise quality practitioners who are living the values.

  • General awareness of Quality Every Day 
    Through internal engagement and communications we raised awareness of Quality and how to think Quality Every Day.