Launching Brand Values Themis Analytics Brand Values Calendar Themis Analytics Brand Values Calendar

Employee engagement increasing since new brand values launch

When Pharmaceutical Analytics software company Themis approached us with a project to revisit their organisational values we were delighted to be involved.

The existing values lacked relevance to the current business and its vision for future growth. We began with an engagement workshop with all staff, to start a fresh conversation about which values were important to them and why. The voice of the employee was critical in this process and a holistic, open approach helped to unite and motivate the team.

The workshop identified 5 clear values and ways in which these could show up in the workplace. From there, we designed a suite of communications materials, clear descriptors and measurable ‘how we work’ indicators. The values were launched during a whole team meeting and to celebrate the team’s collective efforts we produced a fun and colourful desktop calendar as a daily reminder of the team’s commitment to living the values.

Embedding brand values and supporting cultural change takes time and we will continue to support Themis closely over the next 12 months in embedding the values further and making them stick. This project is part of a broader employee engagement strategy, involving solutions for recruitment, management development and employee recognition.