Insights Discovery is a personality profiling tool which helps teams to communicate more effectively. It uses a four-colour model to identify an individual's unique preferences.

Get a taster for which Colour Energies you relate to by reflecting on how you open your Christmas presents! Do any of the descriptions below sound familiar?

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Has a shake and a good feel of the present before they open it. They’re careful in the way they open the present and certainly doesn’t like a lot of fuss or attention. Will often fold up and keep the wrapping paper!

Tears open the present quickly and doesn’t dwell too long on what’s inside! This person is matter of fact and will be upfront with whether they like the gift or not!

Likes to ensure the person giving the present is there to watch them unwrap. They always make a note of who gave them the gift so they can write a thank you card later! This person really values a thoughtful gift, no matter how small!

Likes to ensure there is a crowd to watch them open their gift - excitable and expressive, this is their time to shine! Rips open the present quickly and appreciates some fancy wrapping with big bows!

Cool Blue

Individuals with a preference for Cool Blue energy maintain a detached and objective standpoint. Thinking things through before committing to action, they value independence and intellect. They desire to know and understand the world around them and like information to be accurate and complete before proceeding.

Fiery Red

Individuals with a preference for Fiery Red energy have a strong determination that influences who they interact with. Approaching others in a direct and straightforward manner, they are active and move in a positive, firm direction. They are single-minded and determined in their focus on results, seeking an outcome that is specific and tangible.

Earth Green

Individuals with a preference for Earth Green energy seek harmony and depth in relationships, preferring democratic approaches that respect the individual. They ensure all individual perspectives are heard and considered in making choices or decisions and defend what they value with quiet determination and persistence. They view the world through what they value and what is important to them.

Sunshine Yellow

Individuals with a preference for Sunshine Yellow energy enjoy and seek the company of others and have a desire to be involved. Approaching others in a persuasive, engaging and inviting manner they radiate enthusiasm, encourage participation and like to be noticed and appreciated for their contributions.

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