A look back at 2016 and Bowline's best bits

We're coming to end of a fascinating year - from Trump, to Brexit, to Leicester winning the Premier League! We asked our team to reflect on some of their best bits to celebrate a year of hard work and fantastic projects:


Jess, Company Director:

"One of my personal highlights was seeing Themis Analytics launch their new and improved brand in Philadelphia, USA. Even more exciting was to hear how much of a positive impact it made with their clients and new business revenue.


Rolling out LinkedIn training for our clients and supporting them in building employee advocacy through social media is something I'm passionate about. Seeing the immediate impact this had on their social reach and the continued conversations this training has driven is extremely rewarding. 

December has been a busy but exciting end to the year with new clients and new pitches so I'm looking forward to relaxing over Xmas with the family and a G&T!"


Georgia, Account Manager:


"In terms of projects I loved helping to shape the creative route for the BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions' bonsai tree. It was the first project where I've seen a 3D render come to life from start to finish and seeing the initial ideas and sketches transformed into a clever and visually stunning render was really rewarding.


Of course I have to mention the Bath Half which Jess and I ran back in March - I think we were a bit mad giving ourselves only 8 weeks to train but we egged each other on during training and the sense of personal pride was like nothing else I've experienced!


Working on the South West is Best (SWisBest) Instagram account and 2017 calendar has been a lovely project too. I love that we've inspired people to get out and about and everyone involved in that project from photographers to the printers were lovely. The tour of Wincanton print was a definite perk and I loved showcasing the print process on our social feeds."



Tim, Company Director:


"This year's been momentous! Having discussed the possibility of working with Jess for years it became a reality in June when I joined Bowline. Starting work with my first client and supporting them to establish a set of core organisational values is obviously up there as one of my highlights of the year - i'll always remember that project.


Bowline becoming a licensed distributor and partner for Insights Discovery was another highlight. I love helping clients to really get to grips with their teams strengths and highlighting areas for improvement in order to help them work better together. The light bulb moment when Jess and Georgia received their Insights Profiles and became increasingly more self-aware was great.


One of the loveliest projects I worked on this year was facilitating International Animal rescue's annual team day. Learning about all the tremendous work they do with so many endangered species was so inspiring!"


Piers, Copywriter:


"The Themis brand and website was a particularly satisfying project because we made such a transformation to the way these pharmaceutical marketing data specialists present themselves. First we reworked the brand – both the logo and visuals and also the way they talked about their services.


Over a series of meetings we boiled down what they did to a simple proposition: building powerful connections between people and data. Then we turned the same focus onto the web design and content, and rethought it from head to foot, aiming to communicate with speed and simple directness the major benefits Themis offers.


The result is years ahead of where they were at the start of 2016. It’s always great working on a project where all the pieces fall into place and the result is undeniably excellent."


We hope you all had a fantastic 2016 and look forward to working with many of you next year. But for now - it's time for a glass of fizz and a mince pie. (Okay several mince pies...)




Jess Jeary Bowline Georgia Adsett Piers Alder Copywriter