Bringing brand values to life from the inside out

Brand values play an important part of building a strong company culture.

Companies with a solid sense of 'who we are' and 'how we do business' see increased performance, productivity and attract the best talent. 

Chances are, one set of corporate values aren't too dissimilar to another. 'Integrity' and 'innovation' are in the pages of over half FTSE 100 companies’ brand books. So how do you ensure your values provide employees with a source of inspiration, sense of purpose and identity?


Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk.

We have experience working with our clients on creating and launching values and ensuring these embed into the culture of an organisation. Embedding values across your business entails far more than referring to them in appraisals or displaying them in your office. It's crucial that managers at all levels model the right behaviour and HR has a major part to play in ensuring this happens. A manager's role as a brand ambassador should be closely monitored and be part of their performance appraisal. How well does your manager reflect your brand values?


Start as your mean to go on.

When are employees more eager to learn than on their first day? Don't miss this opportunity to engage with new talent and excite them about what it means to work for you. This doesn't mean sitting them in isolation to watch a video. Consider how to build relationships and inspire; try creating short induction activities around each corporate value and get a different member of the team to facilitate these over the course of their first week.


Be consistent, always.

There's constant change in business. New systems, changing priorities and re-organisations are a part of day-to-day life. Which is why consistent brand values are crucial, a strong culture is built over time and there's huge strength in having values with heritage. One of the quickest ways to create disengagement amongst staff is to continually change what it means to work for your company.


Internal and external, two sides of the same coin.

The internal and external brand expressions are two sides of the same coin. Your internal culture defines your organisation and consumers are more likely to connect with your brand if they have a good understanding of who you are, reinforced by the experience your staff deliver.

Focus internally and bring your brand values to life from the inside out.


5 tips to successfully embed your values

  • Ensure your values resonate with your internal audience and external brand.
  • Engage with staff at all levels and tell their stories through internal communication.
  • Develop an identity and an internal communications plan for the year.
  • Recognise and reward the right behaviour with a programme connected to your values.
  • Allow your customers to see what it's like 'inside' the brand they do business with, celebrate your values and staff stories externally.