The importance of Insights Discovery for self-awareness

Earth Green? What do you mean? Curious about Colour Energies


I have to admit that I was curious about Insights when I first heard about it. Having previously only ever associated terminology such as ‘Colour Energies’ with reiki, meditation and auras, I was intrigued to discover how this sort of terminology could be applied to a psychometric test. I’d had a report on my personality type done once before at university, though it was free, based on letters (not colours), and by no means as in depth or professional.


My Insights Discovery profile came out as predominantly ‘Earth Green – which is the combination of Introversion and Feeling, based on Jungian psychology of preferences. Insights describes this Colour Energy as:


An approach that favours reflection, harmony and consensus. With an inward-focus, value-based judgements are made after reflecting on subjective experience and deeply felt personal beliefs. Personal motivation is largely determined by values and principles. 

Georgia Adsett Account Manager Bowline

Reports useful for reflection and self-improvement


As I ran through my report with Tim in the follow-up meeting, I remember thinking how most of the statements were scarily accurate. Of course, the report is created following a self-evaluation, so the likelihood is that you’re already conscious of certain behaviours and actions - though to have them in writing is particularly useful for reflection, self-development and team analysis. The following statements taken from the overview section of my report are very accurate in my opinion:

  • Her work has to contribute to things that matter to her
  •  Adaptable and easy-going in everyday living
  •  She avoids attempting to change or control people
  •  She can resolve conflict positively and reach mutually agreeable outcomes


A deeper dive into my results


My colour energy preferences in the ‘conscious persona’ are very evenly split between Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Cool Blue (what Insights describes as an accommodating type). I discovered that when I’m at work my ability to balance three Colour Energies enables me to complete a fairly broad set of tasks comfortably, using different skill sets and applying the most appropriate personality traits to fit the task in hand. I am the only member of the team to have three colour preferences above the mid-point line, and my Earth Green and Cool Blue energy preferences bridge the gap within the team.


Accommodating type Insights Discovery Colour Energy Preferences



Earth Green is overwhelmingly prominent in my ‘less conscious’ persona (where I shift to a focused type). This is my instinctive behaviour and how I use my energies in mild to medium stress situations. On a good day, I become more relaxed, relationship focused and responsive, so team-based activities bring out my best side, whereas on a bad day I become quieter, more reflective and (dare I say it) stubborn. On these occasions I often prefer to work individually in a focused environment in order to be as productive as possible.


The below diagram shows where my preferences sit on the Colour Energies wheel:


 Insights Discovery Colour Wheel Accommodating Type


What I'll take from this experience


The process has increased my self-awareness dramatically and has been extremely valuable in understanding the overall team dynamic, people’s strengths, weaknesses and preferred ways of working. When communicating with the team and clients in future, I’ll be able to consider the motivations behind their decisions and establish the most effective ways of collaborating.