Life After Lockdown — The Results

Life After Lockdown — The Results

Employees call for changes to work following COVID-19


Three quarters of employees want to return to a new and improved workplace as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to our 'Life After Lockdown' survey, which found that only 5% of employees are missing their old routine and want things to go back to the way they were.


Following a mass move to working from home, 74% of respondents said we should learn from this and improve things. Having time out from their workplace has also made 1 in 10 people realise they want a career change.




When asked what should change as a result of COVID-19, five themes emerged – communication, culture and recognition, ways of working, learning and development and use of technology.


Strong internal communication has been critical during the outbreak of coronavirus, but the survey found that it has been lacking, with 30% of respondents calling for more open and collaborative channels, personalised and transparent communication and an improvement in crisis management.


The survey also highlighted a need for a change in leadership style – to being more visible, open and empathetic.

When under stress or pressure, some managers default to a more authoritarian leadership style and this has a negative impact on levels of trust and employee engagement. In these uncertain times, with each of us dealing with very different challenges, leaders should be adopting a more empathetic style (the ability to understand another person’s experience, perspective and feelings). It’s so important that we create human connections whilst leading through virtual technologies. Tim Jeary, Director of Employee Engagement, Bowline

Life in lockdown has given rise to 90% of respondents calling for a change in ways of working with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, better work/life balance, increased flexible working and less business travel. At the same time, there’s recognition for a need to invest in learning and development and technology to support that change such as developing digital skills and resilience coaching and having access to collaboration, video conferencing and virtual event tools.


Jess Jeary, Director of Communications, said the results are indicative that COVID-19 will accelerate change in business. She said:

Businesses have been forced to change quickly, enabling employees to work from home in collaborative, virtual ways. They've now proven it's possible. So it's not surprising that employees are asking for these positive changes to become permanent when we return to work. We just have to look at Twitter which has recently announced that employees can work from home forever if they wish.

Download the Life After Lockdown results infographic below and to hear the team talk through the results, check out our LinkedIn post here. 

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