How to create the best office environment and boost employee engagement

8 top tips to get you started

We all strive to provide the best possible working environment for our employees, in order to ensure they’re the most productive they can be whilst enjoying their time at work.


Companies who have cracked the code to the ideal working environment typically champion the following cultural principles: flexible working, genuine consideration of work/life balance and active initiatives to improve employee health and wellbeing.


Alongside cultural factors there are many physical improvements that can be made to the office space to better your working environment. We’ve comprised a list of top tips:


1. Bring leaders and managers into teams


Positioning leaders and managers within teams is crucial. If you’re looking to build working relationships within teams, a hands-on approach is paramount. Managers can positively impact communication, approachability and team development when they spend quality time with staff and can lead by example as visible role models. 


office meeting glass door

2. Open up meeting rooms using glass


Meeting rooms which have as much natural light as possible can help boost employee wellbeing and alertness and foster an environment of openness and transparency. The same goes for desk spaces – removing unnecessary barriers creates an open, collaborative space.


3. Ensure organisational values are visible


This tip is a great opportunity to get creative with the space you have. By featuring some visual graphics of your company values around the office – people will remember them more easily. Ditching longwinded jargon and presenting these in a visual manner will help them to really stick. No space for graphics? Not a problem. You can tell your brand’s story through other means like induction packs and internal comms. Focusing on brand heritage and consumer awareness it’s a more subtle way to get the message across.


4. Reconsider office layouts to avoid “battery hens”


Consider whether you’ve got the space and the freedom to implement more conducive desk layouts.
This is something which is often overlooked but can make productivity and collaboration soar.
Semi-circular desks can be a good solution and are becoming increasingly popular.

break out area sofa office


5. Break out areas work wonders


It’s important to create an open space for employees to go to when they need to take a break from their computer screens - whether it be to relax, eat lunch, work collaboratively or hold informal meetings. A change of scenery can help to boost productivity and wellbeing, and it’s a great excuse to invest in some funky chairs!


6. Come together over food and drink – ensure there are healthy options


Getting people together over food or drink can be really engaging and makes your staff feel valued – it’s also a great excuse to develop relationships and bounce ideas off different people.


Bake offs can be a great idea and the Friday drinks trolley is a popular way to encourage socialising amongst employees creating a more relaxed atmosphere in the office after a long day. But having healthy options alongside “treats” is also important – employees are 10 percent more likely to be engaged in working environments that offer healthy vending or marketplace options. 



colourful wall office chair7. Create a stimulating environment using colour, textures and shapes


Colour evokes emotion and can have a huge impact on productivity, happiness and awareness. A University of Texas study discovered that bland grey, beige and white offices evoked feelings of sadness and depression in women whereas purple and orange working environments induced similar feelings in men (source).


Blue is typically seen as a stable and calming colour which promotes focus, whilst green, is renowned for boosting calmness and efficiency. Yellow is an optimistic colour which boosts creativity, whilst red evokes emotion and passion, so perhaps it’s time to consider a décor change. Consider using colour to zone different working spaces.


8. Music can lift the mood


Boost the energy in the office with a bit of subtle background music. It can help to keep the creative juices flowing for those in design-based roles, and has been reported to boost employee
happiness and performance – reportedly nine out of 10 workers perform better when listening to music.


Having quiet spaces to do work which requires reflection and concentration is equally important – try to find a balance in your office space to fit your employee needs.


We hope this post inspires you to make some positive changes in your office space. For any further questions on how to boost employee engagement, get in touch today.